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Chris SchulerChris Schuler, President

Chris has come along way from selling Rainbow vacuums, building ski lifts and running all the day to day operations of a ski area. Dreaming big, Chris had the forethought to open a first of its kind snowboard shop in the Northwest. With great success, Chris sold his business to acquire his degree from Seattle University in Business and Marketing. Now, a 21-year advertising veteran including director of local sales at Kelly B. Tribune Broadcasting (FOX) and Viacom, Inc (CBS). Always on the cutting edge, in 2005 a new and innovative advertising medium was born. As the customer service-driven President of GoMobile® Advertising, Chris partnered with Bill Ostergard, President of Motionadz using state of the art advertising vehicles as a tool to develop a National Network of affiliates across the United States. Innovation and passion consume Chris in his career, while he maintains his devotion for his wife Shawn, 3 kids and his community.

Christian GerlingChristian Gerling, VP of Operations

Christian began his marketing career at the Tacoma Dome as a media coordinator. Six years later, Christian found himself in Detroit at Olympia Entertainment promoting events for major sporting and the atrical events. After returning to Seattle, Gerling created an in-house advertising agency to provide local, regional and national event clients with promotion, publicity, media placement and sponsorship. Christian is responsible for the day-to-day operations of GoMobile® advertising. The go-to guy, Christian is motivated and inspired by the Go-team working together to accomplish a mission. In addition to being a partner in GoMobile®, Christian is the owner of Scout City Media, Inc. specializing in event marketing. Christian is devoted to his wife Nichole, rescue dog Marloe and spending time in the outdoors.

Our Drivers

When you've got your brand at stake on the road, you have to know that you're in good hands. That's why all of our drivers are CDL certified, attend strict driver training, come with years of experience on a variety of commercial vehicles and have a passion for what they do. They understand the advertising business, they know how to respond to customers, and they follow a set code of ethics while on the road. They also know all of the hot spots: we have trained our drivers to be both proactive and reactive, keeping a keen eye out for areas with the highest foot traffic. Our flexibility allows your campaign to evolve as we receive feedback.

In addition, our real-time GPS tracking allows our clients 24-hour access to where our drivers have been, how fast they were driving, and how long they have stopped at any location.

August Schuman, Henry Gonzalez, Carol Dunlap, Ron Osborne, Wayne Riley, Robert Kubec

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Welcome to the website for GoMobile Advertising, home of the award-winning mobile billboard advertising and experiential marketing experts. GoMobile Ad Vehicles, a division of GoMobile Advertising (sometimes misspelled Go Mobile Advertising) is the largest manufacturer and distributor of mobile billboard trucks in the nation.

The future of out-of-home advertising is here and now is the perfect opportunity to seize the moment. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America states that the out-of-home advertising industry, which credits mobile billboard advertising as one of the many forms of current outdoor advertising, earned $1.07 billion in the first quarter of 2009.

Now is your chance to be a part of the largest affiliate network of mobile advertising vehicles in the world.  At GoMobile Ad Vehicles we manufacture reliable and durable advertising trucks and trailers. But we don't just sell you mobile billboard trucks and wish you luck, we offer the training, business elements and expertise you need to make your mobile advertising business work for you. So why settle for less than partnering with the billboard truck experts? GoMobile Advertising offers you dependable advertising vehicles, and the very best of out-of-home mobile advertising know how.